Adrian Peterson Workout

Adrian Peterson Workout

Besides being in shape and having toned muscles Adrian Peterson has won the “AP NFL Offensive player of the Year Award”, not to mention in 2012 the “NFL Most Valuable Player of the Year Award”. To stay ahead of the game and keep his power and talent on top, Peterson has a consistent workout routine that he follows. He also was awarded the Sports illustrated All-Decade Team in 2009 and the Hall Trophy in 2004 with his great performance on the field. To keep up his ripped toned body, Peterson puts all his energy into a lot of hard workouts and healthy foods in his daily life.

Peterson has one of the most intense football training routines in the NFL. With his muscled chest, his chiseled shoulders and arms, and his ripped abs are what keep him on top of his game on the field and staying healthy and fit off the field. Peterson is known for his quick cuts and utterly raw strength. His lean muscle body is what gives him his speed to get into the open field and dominate.

Peterson’s is best known for his great work ethic, which is a great asset to his team. He has been working out in some time of routine since he was a youngster. This work ethic also helps him to excel and perform at his best level on the field.

Peterson’s Personal Routine

Through the years Peterson has created many ways to make his workout more and more challenging for him. He begins each workout session with some rapid fire footwork drills to warm up his muscles. Theses drills also wake up his nervous system and help him be quicker on his feet and allow him the cutting ability he has on the field. Peterson states, “You don’t need actual weights to build muscle as long as there is some resistance your muscles will grow.” Peterson has even been known to be working out the day after a game to recover. He also prefers cold tubs and massages after a game.

Adrian Peterson Exercise

For Peterson Mondays and Wednesdays are for his complete upper body workout. On Tuesdays and Thursday he works his lower body. Peterson added an adaption of his Push-Ups, in which he balances each hand atop a stability ball. This helps him to enhance his core strength in his shoulders and helps him strengthen his stability and mental toughness.

Adrian Peterson Workout Monday & Wednesday Routine – Upper Body
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Neck (four directions) 1 6-10
2 Standing Shoulder Shrug 1 6-10
3 Incline (M)/Flat-Bench (W) Press 3  10, 8, 6
4 Close-Grip Pull-Up 1  Failure
5 Machine Pullover 1 6-10
6 Flat (M)/Incline (W) Raise 2 6-10
7 Dumbbell Lateral (M)/Front (W) Raise 1 6-10
8 Seated Cable Row 1 6-10
9 Seated Cable Scapular Retraction 1 6-10
10 Flat (M)/Incline (W) Machine Chest Press 1 6-10
11 Lat Pulldown 1 6-10
12 Machine Overhead Press 1 6-10
13 Machine Row 1 6-10
14 Machine Flye (M)/Lateral Raise (W) 1 6-10
15 Machine Reverse Flye 1 6-10
16 External (M)/Internal (W) Rotation 1 6-10
17 Triceps Pulldown 1 6-10
18 Cable Curl 1 6-10
19 Hand Gripper 1 6-10
20 Wrist Flexion (M)/ Extension (W) 1 6-10
Note: (M) = Monday, (W) = Wednesday


Adrian Peterson Workout Tuesday & Thursday Routine – Lower Body
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1 Hang Clean 3 6
2 Deadlift (T)/ Squat (R) 3 12, 10, 8
3 Romanian Deadlift (T)/ Glute-Ham Raise (R) 2 6-10
4 Leg Press 2 6-10
5 Leg Curl 1 6-10
6 One-Leg Press (T) / Dumbbell Step-up or Lunge (R) 2 6-10
7 One-Leg Curl (T) / Leg Curl on exercise ball (R) 1 6-10
8 One-Leg Hip Flexion (T)/ Bridge on exercise ball (R) 1 6-10
9 Hip Abduction 1 6-10
10 Leg Extension 1 6-10
11 Standing Calf Raise 1 6-10
12 Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Back Extension 1 15
13 Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Abs Crunch 1 25
14 Medicine-Ball (T)/ Machine (R) Torso Twist 1 40
15 Reverse Crunch (T)/ Cable Side Bend (R) 1 15
Note: (T) = Tuesday, (R) = Thursday

This Agility Drill is performed on all four days after the resistance training sessions. Peterson usually takes a few hours to recover before attempting these drills. There are no breaks or rest in between these drills.

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson Workout – Conditioning and Agility Drills
Exercise Sets Distance Notes
1 Sprints  5 400 yards
2 Sprints  4 300 yards
3 Sprints  3 100 yards
4 Starts 10 10 yards
5 Cone Drills – circle, square, sideline by sideline 5 10 reps
6 Direction Change Drills 5 10 reps
7 Knee Box Ups 5 10 reps
8 Half-gashers 5 10 reps
9 Tree-trippers 5 10 reps
10 4×20 Yard Shuffles 2 10 yard

Adrian Peterson’s Diet Plan

His extensive diet plan includes 6 small meals throughout the day, instead of the normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Peterson sticks with a protein enriched diet of fish and chicken, along with Cytosport supplements. This diet is proven to keep him active throughout the day and improve his recovery in between the workouts.

Adrian Peterson Training

His diet includes a great balance of macronutrients and the fish, chicken and potatoes are always baked. Peterson specifically includes Muscle Milk with his meals.

This is just a one day sample of what Peterson eats to keep his athletic form and health:

Meal Menu
8am Breakfast 4-5 egg whites, whole grain pancakes, low fat bacon
9am Preworkout Cytomax Ready to Drink
10am Postworkout 2 scoops of Muscle Milk Powder ( in Cookies and Crème flavor)
1pm Lunch Baked chicken, vegetables ( green beans or carrots), and rice
5pm Dinner Grilled chicken breast and pasta
9pm Nighttime snack Nighttime snack

AP App

Peterson has an app that features his driven four weeks of speed and body strength workouts. There are demonstrations for each move that are performed by Peterson himself. The app includes an interactive tool to track your performance and progress. You can also compare your stats to other athletes.

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