Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet Workout

Cam Gigandet’s Workout

For a fit body, better quality of life, and the lowest body fat count Cam Gigandet’s Workout is the answer. Obtaining his tight six-pack takes dedication and work, but Cam makes this possible without a lot of hard work and harsh dieting.

Cam Gigandet is a martial artist as well as an actor. He has also appeared in a few television shows like the Twilight series and many other movies. There are basically three well known movies that have brought attention to his firm abs and what he does to obtain that hot look.

Cam Gigandet Photo

This Fight Club, Twilight, and Never Back Down actor is known for his great physique at 32 years of age. His unbelievable ripped body had a reported body fat of just 3% at the time of his role in the Never Back Down movie. Cam’s body does not bulk out with muscle, but is very fine tuned with eye attention grabbing abs. Cam’s attention to his build started out in Fight Club, then expanded with his fan base in the Twilight movies. His focus and fame regarding his ripped bod really exploded in the movie Never Back Down. This is when his physical attributes played a major part in his role in the movie. He had to tighten up and lose fat within a very short time frame for his part in the movie Never Back Down. This character lead to him tightening up his workout routine for faster and firmer results. Cam has always since a young age been healthy, however in recent years he has gained notoriety for his firm exquisite physique.

Cam is very consistent and dedicated to his workout routine, his diet, and exercises. He was lean and healthy most of his life; however for the move Never Back Down he worked to get even leaner with tight abs. To obtain his ripped body for the movie in which he accomplished this in only four to six months.

Cam’s workout will give you quite a bit of leeway in eating and still firm up. He is adamant about sticking to the same types of food and he stays away from certain foods completely.

Cam’s Workout Schedule

With Cam’s Workout you will not only have a fit body, but definitely go above the norm. Cam has a simple routine that focuses on a body part a day.  He does a lot of reps to increase his cardiovascular system as well.  Cam’s workout does not focus on maximum muscle growth. Being 6’ Cam keeps his weight around 160 lbs. with his fitness training program.

Cam always is sure to stretch consistently throughout his workout. At the start of each exercise he stretches out all major muscles and joints. This helps him to move better and feel better after the work out is complete.

These workouts of Cams allow him to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time. The muscle tone is smooth and not bulky and over worked at all. With Cam’s workout you will notice your muscles will be toned in layers.

Day 1 – Cam Gigandet Workout – Chest
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Push Ups  1 25  You can start with standard pushups. However, if you find this too easy (or as your fitness level increases) try more advanced routines, like Plyo pushups.
2  Nautilus Press  3
  1. 45
  2. 55
  3. 65
 Increase the weight after each set
3  Nautilus Incline press  3
  1. 55
  2. 65
  3. 70
 Increase the weight after each set
4  Pec Deck Machine  5
  1. 40
  2. 45
  3. 50
  4. 55
  5. 60
 Increase the weight after each set
 Day 2 – Cam Gigandet Workout – Back
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Push Ups  1 25  You can start with standard pushups. However, if you find this too easy (or as your fitness level increases) try more advanced routines, like Plyo pushups.
2  Seated Rows  3
  1. 75
  2. 80
  3. 85
 Increase the weight after each set
3  Lat Pull Downs  3
  1. 85
  2. 90
  3. 95
 Increase the weight after each set
4  T-Bar Rows  3
  1. 50
  2. 55
  3. 60
 Increase the weight after each set

Day 3 – Cam Gigandet Workout – Back

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Arnold Press  3 35
2  Standing Lateral Raise  3 15
3  Standing Front Raises  3 10
Day 4 – Cam Gigandet Workout – Biceps and Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Nautilus Curl Machine  1
  1. 20
  2. 25
  3. 30
 Increase the weight after each se
2  Ez Curl Cable  3
  1. 30
  2. 35
  3. 40
 Increase the weight after each set
3  Hammer Curls  3
  1. 15
  2. 20
  3. 25
 Increase the weight after each set
4  Push Downs  3
  1. 30
  2. 35
  3. 40
 Increase the weight after each set

Day 5 – Cam Gigandet Workout – Cardio

Exercise Sets Reps Notes
1  Treadmill  1 45mins  65 to 75% MHR

Saturday & Sunday- Off

Cam does 20-30 reps on all exercises to make him look more cut. The inclusions of Bodylasitc Resistance Bands were used in Cam’s workout routines to help tone his muscles.

Cam Gigandet Pull Up

Cam’s Diet Plan

Cam Gigandet’s philosophy on meals is simple. “A basic workout with dialed-in nutrition will give phenomenal results.” This diet is a major part of his ripped body. Cam usually has four protein packed meals per day and incorporates the following foods throughout his day.

* Spinach

* Broccoli

* Berries

* Almonds

* Eggs

* Meat

Cam eats an average of 6 to 7 small meals a day packed with the choices of foods listed above. It is important to spread the small meal portions out during the day to keep his metabolism primed. Portion control is essential to create a calorie deficit. To tighten up his physique Cam has a mandatory and clean low calorie diet. A high protein and low carbohydrates is what helps his body stay lean. Protein does require more calories to burn so eating low carb and high protein foods will increase the speed that the body will lose fat. Proteins are a vital part of building muscles. The carbs removed from his diet are the breads, cereals, bagels, pastas, foods of this variety and replaced them with different types of vegetables.

“Focus more on what you should be eating instead of what not to eat.” This will help you feel more positive about your diet and workout program. Late night eating is a big no-no, regardless of what you are eating.

Cam Gigandet’s Advise

Being able to focus is a main key when working out. Cam uses a no name gym with fewer members for fewer distractions. He believes in becoming better and not just bigger. Cam believes in change, as in using weights, kettlebells, cardio machines, and Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art form).  He will mix all those up every two weeks to keep his workouts interesting. Adding outdoor sports like hiking, water skiing or any other activity is the best way to keep healthy.

“I fell in love with riding,” Cam says. “Yesterday I probably put 40 miles on my bike. And I’ve only just realized how many hills there are in L.A.” Bicycling is green and an enjoyable way to burn fat while exercising.

Choose to stay in great condition all year long, not just during the summer seasonal show your body months. Keeping to Cam’s workout schedule and diet recommendations daily will take little effort on your end once you make it part your routine.

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