CIZE Dance Routine Review

CIZE Dance Workout Review

For everyone that is bored or performs their daily workout in a daze and dreads their workouts, then CIZE is the answer. Shawn T shows you how to have fun working out with choreographed dancing from simple to advanced moves. Dancing has been a passion of his now and in the past and the best is brought to you in a simple package. With his CIZE program working out is no longer a have to situation or a chore. Get in shape and tone those abs in just a few weeks. With the exciting dance moves you will give yourself a cardio, core, and strengthening workout at the same time without feeling like you are exercising.

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Don’t miss out on this revolutionary workout program. Join your family and friends in working out and having fun. CIZE is created from the last part of exercise, with the meaning of “ending exercising” the old way. This is a new and invigorating method to workout with ease. Shawn is an excellent instructor and keeps you moving at a pace that allows you to learn quickly and not get bored.

The End Of Exercise

What better way to get the best results than from the best. Besides being a professional choreographer and dancer, Shawn T is well known as a celebrity trainer. His dance background definitely came into play for this workout routine. His decades of performance of dance in Broadway musicals, TV, and films has played a major part in creating CIZE. He is also known for touring with artist like Mariah Carey. Being the creator of the most inspirational fitness routines is what has helped shape his ability to motivate and teach. His method is what makes him stand out by help millions get in great condition and lose weight.

Simple and Awesome CIZE Dance Routines

With the CIZE Dance Workout program you will receive all six routines. In each set Shaun helps you learn each one step by step for a smooth transition into the next routine. You will find that the routines start out easy and will build up in movements as you progress. After completing the first routine, you will know if you should set up as a beginner or you can handle the more advanced routine schedule. The decision is totally up to you.

  1. Crazy 8s – This 1st one starts you off with a 35-minute routine that will have you dancing and stripping off the pounds. Upon mastering this routine, you will follow-up with a routine to “Hands in the Air” by Timbaland.
  2. You Got This – This next one will have you dancing in no time to Bruno Mars – “Treasure”.
  3. Full Out – Getting to this routine means you are in Level 2. You should be breathing hard during this routine to the all-time hit of Destiny’s Child –“Lose My Breath”.
  4. In the Pocket – Another enjoyable set that is choreographed with Ariana Grande’s “Problem”. This one may push you a little harder.
  5. Go for It – A great quick routine to Missy Elliot’s “Pass That Dutch”.
  6. Livin’ in the 8s – This final dance video will give you what is known as the “completely different dance experience”. While giving your body an incredible workout, you will also find your body is releasing emotion with Sai’s awesome hit “Chandelier”.

CIZE Challenge Pack

The 8 count Abs Workout is to build stronger abs for the more serious of dancers. The ab sequence is worked out with LL Cool J’s “Headsprung”. These moves will definitely focuses mainly on your ab section and have your muscle moving in a way to promote a faster toning and shape.

All the routines are created for males and females of all ages. If you notice how fit dancers look, well you can too. The various dance moves will work every part of your body in tightening and toning. Besides your abs you will notice your legs and arms thinning and tightening up nicely.

More about Shawn T

Being born with the name of Shaun Thompson, which is not far from his well-known name of Shawn T. From early on in college he started his healthy athlete career that always included theatre and dance. Throughout his notoriety which includes being a backup dancer with Mariah Carey, appearing on “Six Feet Under”, the “Tonight Show”, “CNN”, with Ellen DeGeneres, “Good morning America”, and the “Doctors”. He was also involved with the Boost Athletic Shoe with the Nike Corporation.

In 2007 is when Shawn became a phenomenon with his dance workout programs. The first was Hip Hop Abs that was followed by Rockin Body. His workouts give him more credibility due to his own physical physic and his work with celebrities throughout the years. You can see that over the years he has always stayed in great condition. His method as an instructor is incredible. His other popular workout programs are Insanity, T25, Hip Hop Abs, the Asylum, Insanity Max: 30, and CIZE Dance workout program being his most current.


Why Choose CIZE over All Other Workout Programs Out There

Not only do you get the most remarkable workout physically and mentally, you will also learn all the latest dance moves.

  • A Sculptured Body
  • Nonstop Hot Music
  • Current Choreography
  • Continuous Movement
  • Step-by-step Dance Moves
  • Great for Everyone of All Ages
  • Beginner Steps
  • More Advanced Moves
  • Availability To Repeat Each Move
  • Online Support 24/7
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Whether you are working towards a tone up or a tight sculptured bod, then this is the perfect workout program. Dancing consist of moving almost every muscle depending on the type of routines and move that are involved.

Music by all the current hot artists will keep you moving and shaking to the rhythm. Dance along and sing along, whether you can sing or not. The setup is made to move like a choreographed dance number in a video. The CIZE program is all about getting into the dance zone and not focus on exercising and getting in shape. With Shawn and his skilled instructors, you will learn all current the moves that will not only help you when working out, but also on the dance floor while out enjoying your evenings with friends.

The constant movement helps you to get the most out of your workout. The more you move the more you trim and slim your body. The instructions are simplified to step-by-step moves to allow you time to catch on. This is for more intense dance moves and there is absolutely no just shuffling of your feet.

CIZE Dance It Out

With a base kit you will receive the 6 dance courses and an extra addition of 3 DVDs that give you an extra AB workout. Also included is the Start Guide, a Meal Plan, the Beginners and Advanced Calendars with a Weekend Survival Guide. The 24/7 online support will help you with motivation, support or any questions you may have.

The CIZE planner is an exclusive workbook in PDF that you can print out and keep your progress organized. This allows you to have each week’s schedules ready and available anytime for your convenience. Day by day you can rate yourself with check marks displaying how you seemed to perform each particular workout routine. This helps you see how you progress and learn the dance routines. You may find that certain routines work better for you.


“The Eat Up!” Meal Plan is the secret weapon to help you shed that extra weight and eat healthier. Along with the workout, eating healthy is just as important to getting and staying in shape. While still enjoying your favorites this plan will teach you about how to portion these cravings and not just avoid them completely. Your body needs nutrition to feel good.

Challenage Pack Shakeology

A special 7-day CIZE Down Weekend Survival Guide will assist with great tasting and low-calorie meals. There is no reason to get frustrated while trying to prepare healthy meals. These meals and snacks are simple to make. A shopping list with variables of substitutions to help you CIZE Down rapidly. Keeping everything simple will elevate stress and increase your body’s productivity towards your goal.


In no time at all you will notice the progress you have made towards a healthier and more toned body. While working out with Shawn T’s program you won’t feel like you are exercising at all. You will find that you are dancing and conditioning your cardiovascular system, your muscle strength, along with a complete muscle toning.

Burn all that unwanted fat away while enjoying every minute by dancing. Most see results within four weeks, as they master all the choreographed moves in each routine. Not only will your body look more toned, but you will see the pounds just drop off.

The results are the same regardless if you work out at home alone or in a small or very large group. Of course the more the merrier your routines will be. Some prefer to start out at home for complete privacy. As you work the routines week after week your confidence will build up to consider joining a CIZE workout group. Either way your body will benefit with the complete CIZE Dance Workout Routines that you work with every day. You will lose weight as your body tones. Getting in shape is the main focus of Shawn’s dance workouts.

Make Exercise Fun

As with any routine or exercise, the more you put into it the more you will see results. When working with a professional as Shawn T, you are assured to get great results while working out and also learning remarkable dance moves.

The feedback from workout participants is that they really do not realizes they are working out. The dance moves and instructions keep you focused and entertained on the dance moves themselves. The music adds to the entertainment side of the routine.  Dancing has been known to improve cardiovascular, improve your mood, help decrease stress, and increase your balance and you will become more flexible. You will also notice an increase in your energy levels. Besides getting fit, you will lose weight along the way, especially in the ab area.


There are many instructional classes for Shawn T’s workout program. For more enjoyment and easier learning skills sharing as group sometimes help. You can just invite your friends and family to meet and all take part in getting in shape while learning to dance.

This is not comparable to the other harsh workouts by Shawn. For a simple and fun way to get in shape while learning some dance moves is what the CIZE Dance Workout Routine is all about. This program is still challenging, so don’t get discouraged on your first few attempts. Your focus should be the dance and having a great time while obtaining that hot body you have always wanted.

Anytime you want to get in great physical shape, you must include nutrition. Keeping your body hydrated during workouts if very important as well. Eating healthy light snacks before or during is the best choice to give you the energy to keep going.

By using your personal beginner’s calendar you can pace yourself better. This calendar will help you to keep everything very simple and just enjoy working out and dancing. For the more advanced structure, this calendar will also allow you to keep a note of your progression and keep you moving forward at a faster motion. There is a rating area to know how you are progressing.

The End Of Exercise Has Arrived Try CIZE

For some interesting ways to improve your moves is to try videotaping your routines. You can critique yourself to see how to get more out of your workouts and get quicker results. Share them with your friends and family to get more input of your movements.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee, which does include your full purchase price (minus the S&H). Within 30 days you will be hooked and completely satisfied with your positive results and this why the 30 day guarantee is in place. Your CIZE Program is waiting for you!

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