Mi40 Workout Program

Mi40 Workout Program

What is the Ben Pakulski’s Mi40 Workout?

UPDATE: Check out Ben Pakulski’s Mi40X

Mi40 stands for mass intentions forty. It is a workout technique that helps build muscle and is easy to remember. Forty is a repeated number throughout the program.

Everything is tied to the number 40. Each workout set is performed for 40 seconds. Between each set, a 40 second lapse occurs. There are 40 exercises, and the Mi40 program takes 40 days to implement.

Time under tension is a focus of the program. The time muscles are kept under tension by either bringing weight to a positive or negative position during each set is part of the regime. This program may be the only program that uses the technique.

Ben Pakulski's MI40 Workout

NOS, a revolutionary workout technique, is also taught. The letters in the acronym represent Neurological Overload Sets. The technique involves four workout sets for each exercise. Each set drops the weight used. Muscles are made to work harder. Each set in a typical workout uses the same weight. The same amount of weight used for each set makes one question how many more repetitions are possible. The NOS technique decreases the weight on each set. Continued perseverance is guaranteed.

Check out the MI40 Website here

What Comes with the Mi40 Workout Program?

The eight components of the program include:

  1. Mi40 Training Manual-Pakulski refers to the manual as the meat and potatoes of this program. Overall Mi40 workout details are explained. He shares the way he learned to build muscles.
  2. Mi40 Nutrition Guide- What should be eaten and when to do so is presented in the guide. Eighty percent of results are directly tied to eating habits. This component requires serious focus if the Mi40 program is to be successful. An in-depth explanation about building muscle and staying lean without gaining a fat layer over a six-pack set of abs is provided.
  3. Workout Videos-Step-by-step workout videos show how each exercise should be performed. One muscle is focused upon in each video. The best exercises that yield the best results are recommended.
  4. Exercise Guide- Also included is an exercise guild to show how exercises should be performed.
  5. Printable Workouts-The printouts can be taken to the gym, work, or used at home as a guide if the exercises of a certain workout are forgotten.
  6. Workout Calendar-Guessing and confusion are eliminated as to what workout should be performed on a certain day. The calendar lets you know what workout is required each day. Progress is tracked that will help you stay motivated.
  7. Supplement Guide-In order to excel in the Mi40 program, recommended supplements should be taken. They are not necessary, but they will help in the big scheme of things.
  8. Pakulski’s Muscle Secrets-An audio version of Mi40 is contained in the program material. Ben explains techniques he has learned by talking to athletes, bodybuilders, and doctors in the industry of fitness. Some strategies would be news to pros.

Who Benefits From the Program?

Those wishing to take part in the Mi40 workout program must have access to a gym and the time to spend there. Those really are the only factors that would prevent using the program successfully. Excuse makers will also find the program challenging.
People who want to build muscle are the beneficiaries of the program. It is done in a healthy and efficient way. Those investing in the Mi40 workout program are being taught by a pro bodybuilder without paying for private lessons. Some of the work is done from home at a time that is convenient. Those not finding this to be an exciting way to build muscle may not want to use the program.

Giving the system a chance will make a positive change. You will not be disappointed. Forty days are all that is needed to have a new body image using the Mi40 techniques. You will be stronger, have more muscle, and know a great deal more about building muscle.

MI40 Muscle Building Workout

Workout Schedule

People spending two to three days each week on a more simplified program often do not get the results they want. The Mi40 workout is targeted primarily at people who have had some training experience prior to beginning this program. They want their physique to be a professional fitness model or attain they want to achieve a level of a pro bodybuilder. The five day program is super intense. Individuals with no training or the faint of heart are not the intended users.

Thursdays and Sundays are days off from the training. Every other day, two groups of muscles receive the focus. Hamstrings and back muscles are addressed on Monday, biceps and chest on Tuesday, and calves and quads on Wednesday. After resting on Thursday, hamstrings and back are again the foci for Friday. Triceps and shoulders get a workout on Saturday.

mi 40 workout

Program users must be willing to work hard at the intense and complex overloading routine demanded of the program. The schedule also includes a nutritional approach that should be followed.

How It Works

Six to nine exercises make up the resistance training session workouts. The session takes about 40 minutes. Most of the exercises are performed in sets of four with eight reps per set. For each exercise, the last set is an NOS, explained previously. The overload increase causes the maximum muscle fiber breakdown during the workout. Maximum muscle fiber breakdown means that fibers repair and adapt to yield maximum muscle growth.

Check out the MI40 Website here

Time Required8.6

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